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Jinn Fa Bulgaria

Jinn Fa JSL-20RBY Swiss Type CNC Lathe

02 Sep 2020

Струг Швейцарски тип Jinn Fa изглед
Струг Швейцарски тип Jinn Fa  инструментална система

Jinn Fa JSL-20RBY CNC Swiss turn lathe is the right choice for complex part machining, requiring a wide range of machining operations such as turning, boring, milling, cross drilling, tapping and knurling.

Main spindle tooling system features 17 tool positions in all and the sub-spindle offers an independent tooling unit with 9 tools.

The simultaneous rotary guide bushing holder, distinctive for all Swiss type lathes, is a standard accessory for JSL-20RBY and allows precision machining of long parts (with small cross section).

All CNC lathes of Jinn Fa Machine Industrial Co.,Ltd. product line are equipped with highest quality components (such as CNC controls, linear guideways and ballscrews), ensuring extreme precision and repeatability of machined parts.

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