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Jinn Fa Bulgaria

Hexagon Rotary Broaching

24 Nov 2020

Инструмент за изработка на шестостени
Принцип на ротационно протегляне


Rotary broaching is a precision method for producing various external and internal polygon forms such as hexagon and square.

The advantages of the method include extremely fast processing rate and high accuracy of the created forms.

Rotary broaches can be installed on every lathe tool holder, thus eliminating the need for a secondary operation.

They are extensively used with Swiss type lathes for the manufacturing of medical parts, fasteners, etc.


Basic Principle

The cutting tool is inclined at a 1° angle to the centerline of the workpiece. Rotation point is located in tool face center. As the broach comes in contact with the workpiece, friction between them brings about synchronous rotation of the tool. The cutting edge is kept centerpoint, while the rest of the tool oscillates around the part centerline. Due to this feature, the cutting edges work consecutively, not simultaneously, thus reducing the required thrust force up to 80%.


Send us your inquiry and we will provide you with more detailed information and quotation for rotary broach tool holders and rotary broaches.


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