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                                              Bar Feeders

Bar Feeders

BSM80 Short Bar Feeder

BSM-80 Bar Feeder


The incorporation of a bar feeder in the manufacturing process provides effective operation cycle automatio...

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A V-channel loading system, equipped with rollers for smooth feeding of heavy bars with a large cross section.

A modern multifunctional control panel with an intuitive user-friendly human-machine interface.


A precision servo motor to ensure smooth feeding and exact positioning.

A remote controller, drastically increasing operational convenience at bar feeder manual control and setting.

An external LED display features information regarding bar position and generated alarms.

A PLC controller, compatible with various CNC lathe brands, equipped with a user-friendly HMI display for easy setting and control.

A movable rail, facilitating bar feeder mobility in the cases when machine maintenance is to be carried out.

Parameter Unit BSM 80 BSM 80L
ParameterBAR LENGTH Unitm BSM 80 1.2 / 1.5 BSM 80L 1.2 / 1.5
ParameterMATERIAL DIAMETER Unitmm BSM 80 8-80 BSM 80L 8-80
ParameterBAR CAPACITY Unit- BSM 80 80мм (7 пръта) BSM 80L 80мм (7 пръта)
ParameterMACHINE LENGTH Unitmm BSM 80 1430.5 BSM 80L 1720.5
ParameterMACHINE WIDTH Unitmm BSM 80 1018.1 BSM 80L 1018.1
ParameterMACHINE WEIGHT Unitkg BSM 80 1.2м - 360кг/ 1.5м - 400кг BSM 80L 1.2м - 360кг/ 1.5м - 400кг
ParameterMOTOR Unit- BSM 80 серво мотор BSM 80L серво мотор
ParameterPOWER SUPPLY Unit- BSM 80 1 x 220V 60 Hz / 1 x 380V 50 Hz BSM 80L 1 x 220V 60 Hz / 1 x 380V 50 Hz
ParameterPOWER CONSUMPTION UnitW BSM 80 640 BSM 80L 640
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