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JSL-20AB Swiss Type CNC Lathe

JSL-20AB is a CNC turning and milling center with a sliding head spindle, equipped with the most advanced control from the world leader Fanuc – Japan, allowing 7-axis simultaneous movement. Both spindles are driven by high-torque built-in servo motors for extreme precision and accuracy. The simultaneous frontside and...

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4-position tool holder for backside machining (sub-spindle) for drilling, boring, tapping, turning, etc.

A movable operation panel, providing maximum machine setting convenience.

A spindle motor, ensuring high precision and operational stability.

A cross drilling device (with drilling, milling and tapping functions), available with 4 tools (option: 7 tools).

A parts conveyor unloads the finished parts off the working area.


An automatic pusher unloads the complete parts off the sub-spindle, allowing fully unattended operation cycle.


A hydraulic bar feeder, combined with a Z1-axis synchronization device.


Parameter Unit JSL-20AB
ParameterMax. turning dia. of main spindle Unitmm JSL-20AB 20
ParameterMax. turning dia. of sub spindle Unitmm JSL-20AB 20
ParameterMax turning length (Fixed guide bush) Unitmm JSL-20AB 200
ParameterMax. turning length (Rotary guide bush) Unitmm JSL-20AB 85 (Option:150)
ParameterMax. turning length (Non guide bush) Unitmm JSL-20AB 45
ParameterMax. drilling capacity of main spindle Unitmm JSL-20AB 10
ParameterMax. drilling capacity of sub-spindle Unitmm JSL-20AB 10
ParameterMax. tapping capacity of main spindle Unit- JSL-20AB M8
ParameterMax. tapping capacity of sub-spindle Unit- JSL-20AB M8
ParameterMax. cross drilling capacity Unitmm JSL-20AB 10
ParameterMax. cross tapping capacity Unit- JSL-20AB M6
ParameterNo. of external turning tools Unitpcs JSL-20AB 8
ParameterNo. of internal turning tools Unitpcs JSL-20AB 5
ParameterNo. of cross drillings Unitpcs JSL-20AB 4 (Option:7)
ParameterFace tool holder (sub-spindle) Unitpcs JSL-20AB 4
ParameterSize of tool Unitmm JSL-20AB 12x12x90
ParameterNo. of axis controls Unitpcs JSL-20AB 7 (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Z2/C1/C2)
ParameterBore of spindle Unitmm JSL-20AB 29
ParameterSpindle speed range Unitrpm JSL-20AB 200 ~ 8000
ParameterRapid traverse X / Z Unitm/min JSL-20AB 18
ParameterMain spindle motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 3.7
ParameterSub-spindle motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 2.2
ParameterX1 / Z1 motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.5 / 0.75
ParameterY-axis motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.75
ParameterCross drilling motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.75
ParameterEnd drilling motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.75
ParameterX2 / Z2 motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.5 / 0.5
ParameterCoolant motor UnitkW JSL-20AB 0.375
ParameterPower Requirement UnitkW JSL-20AB 15 KVA
ParameterMachine dimensions Unitmm JSL-20AB 2365x1075x1800
ParameterWeight Unitkg JSL-20AB 2400
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