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                                              CNC LATHES


JCL-42/52T Turret Type CNC Lathe

2-axis CNC lathe, equipped with 8-position turret, easy to operate, requiring a minimal training period to run.


The machine base is a Meehanite cast-iron mold...

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The spindle is precision machined from chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and dynamically balanced to ensure long service life. Spindle rotation is supported by high-class angular contact ball bearings, providing stability at both radial and axial loading, as well as smooth operation when it comes to heavy-duty machining.


A tool presetter.

Programmable C-axis + hydraulic brake (for the M-models)

A parts catcher and a conveyor unload 

the finished parts off the working area.

A magazine-type bar feeder (option).


Струг с ЦПУ, инструментална система


Струг с ЦПУ, снимка на инструментална система

Parameter Unit JCL-42/52T JCL-42/52TM
ParameterMax. swing over bed Unitmm JCL-42/52T Ø440 JCL-42/52TM Ø440
ParameterMax. turning diameter Unitmm JCL-42/52T Ø200 JCL-42/52TM Ø140
ParameterMax. turning length Unitmm JCL-42/52T 215/205 JCL-42/52TM 180/160
ParameterMax. bar capacity Unitmm JCL-42/52T Ø42/Ø50 JCL-42/52TM Ø42/Ø50
ParameterSpindle bore diameter Unitmm JCL-42/52T Ø55.5/Ø70 JCL-42/52TM Ø55.5/Ø70
ParameterSpindle nose Unit- JCL-42/52T A2-5 JCL-42/52TM A2-5
ParameterSpindle speed range Unitrpm JCL-42/52T 45~4000 JCL-42/52TM 45~4000
ParameterSpindle motor UnitkW JCL-42/52T 5.5(7.5)/7.5 JCL-42/52TM 7.5
ParameterNumber of tool stations Unit- JCL-42/52T 8 JCL-42/52TM 12
ParameterMax. stroke X-axis Unitmm JCL-42/52T 120 JCL-42/52TM 120
ParameterMax. stroke Z-axis Unitmm JCL-42/52T 225/215 JCL-42/52TM 190/170
ParameterRapid traverse X-axis Unitm/min JCL-42/52T 20 JCL-42/52TM 20
ParameterRapid traverse Z-axis Unitm/min JCL-42/52T 20 JCL-42/52TM 20
ParameterTurret indexing time Unitsec JCL-42/52T 0.3 JCL-42/52TM 0.2
ParameterMachine design Unitdeg JCL-42/52T 20° JCL-42/52TM 20°
ParameterSlide way type Unit- JCL-42/52T Square guide way JCL-42/52TM Square guide way
ParameterSpindle hydraulic chuck Unitinch JCL-42/52T 6" JCL-42/52TM 6"
ParameterTurning tool diameter Unitmm JCL-42/52T □20 JCL-42/52TM □16
ParameterBoring tool diameter Unitmm JCL-42/52T Ø25 JCL-42/52TM VDI20
ParameterDriven tool motor power / 30min UnitkW JCL-42/52T - JCL-42/52TM 1.5
ParameterHydraulic motor UnitkW JCL-42/52T 0.75 JCL-42/52TM 0.75
ParameterLubrication motor UnitW JCL-42/52T 3.5 JCL-42/52TM 3.5
ParameterPower requirement UnitKVA JCL-42/52T 15 JCL-42/52TM 17
ParameterCoolant tank capacity UnitL JCL-42/52T 100L(85%) JCL-42/52TM 100L(85%)
ParameterMachine dimensions (LxWxH) Unitmm JCL-42/52T 2255X1800X1800 JCL-42/52TM 2255x1800x1800
ParameterWeight Unitkg JCL-42/52T 2235/2265 JCL-42/52TM 2260/2290
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