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                                              CNC LATHES


JCL-42/52/60TSM Turret Type CNC Lathe

A CNC turn-mill machine tool, built on a solid rib-reinforced Meehanite cast-iron mold base. Axis movement is carried out by way of rigid linear guideways and ballscrews, directly coupled to servo motors, to ensure rapid, steady and extremely precise tool head positioning.

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An extra-wide grey cast-iron machine base, additionally rib-reinforced at stress-concentrated areas to ensure operational stability.

A 12-position turret with milling functions.

The sub-spindle can be furnished with a 3-jaw chuck or a collet chuck.

Axis movement is carried out by way of premium-quality linear guideways.

The spindle is precision machined from chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and dynamically balanced to ensure long service life. Spindle rotation is supported by high-class angular contact ball bearings.


A magazine-type bar feeder (option).

Parameter Unit JCL-42TS JCL-52TS JCL-60TS JCL-42TSM JCL-52TSM JCL-60TSM
ParameterMax. swing over bed Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø590 JCL-52TS Ø590 JCL-60TS Ø590 JCL-42TSM Ø590 JCL-52TSM Ø590 JCL-60TSM Ø590
ParameterMax. turning diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø395 JCL-52TS Ø395 JCL-60TS Ø395 JCL-42TSM Ø395 JCL-52TSM Ø395 JCL-60TSM Ø395
ParameterMain-spindle max. turning diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø240 JCL-52TS Ø240 JCL-60TS Ø240 JCL-42TSM Ø240 JCL-52TSM Ø240 JCL-60TSM Ø240
ParameterSub-spindle max. turning diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø150 JCL-52TS Ø150 JCL-60TS Ø150 JCL-42TSM Ø150 JCL-52TSM Ø150 JCL-60TSM Ø150
ParameterMax. turning length Unitmm JCL-42TS 180 JCL-52TS 180 JCL-60TS 180 JCL-42TSM 235 JCL-52TSM 235 JCL-60TSM 235
ParameterMax part catch length Unit- JCL-42TS 80 JCL-52TS 80 JCL-60TS 80 JCL-42TSM 80 JCL-52TSM 80 JCL-60TSM 80
ParameterMain-spindle max. bar capacity Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø42 JCL-52TS Ø50 JCL-60TS Ø60 JCL-42TSM Ø42 JCL-52TSM Ø50 JCL-60TSM Ø60
ParameterSub-spindle max. bar capacity Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø42 JCL-52TS Ø42 JCL-60TS Ø42 JCL-42TSM Ø42 JCL-52TSM Ø42 JCL-60TSM Ø42
ParameterMain-spindle bore diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø56 JCL-52TS Ø75 JCL-60TS Ø75 JCL-42TSM Ø56 JCL-52TSM Ø75 JCL-60TSM Ø75
ParameterSub-spindle bore diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø55.5 JCL-52TS Ø55.5 JCL-60TS Ø55.5 JCL-42TSM Ø55.5 JCL-52TSM Ø55.5 JCL-60TSM Ø55.5
ParameterMain-spindle nose Unit- JCL-42TS A2-5 JCL-52TS A2-6 JCL-60TS A2-6 JCL-42TSM A2-5 JCL-52TSM A2-6 JCL-60TSM A2-6
ParameterSub-spindle nose Unit- JCL-42TS A2-5 JCL-52TS A2-5 JCL-60TS A2-5 JCL-42TSM A2-5 JCL-52TSM A2-5 JCL-60TSM A2-5
ParameterSpindle speed range Unitrpm JCL-42TS 45~3500 JCL-52TS 45~3500 JCL-60TS 45~3500 JCL-42TSM 45~3500 JCL-52TSM 45~3500 JCL-60TSM 45~3500
ParameterSpindle motor UnitkW JCL-42TS 7.5 JCL-52TS 15 JCL-60TS 15 JCL-42TSM 7.5 JCL-52TSM 15 JCL-60TSM 15
ParameterNumber of tool stations Unit- JCL-42TS 12 JCL-52TS 12 JCL-60TS 12 JCL-42TSM 12 JCL-52TSM 12 JCL-60TSM 12
ParameterMax. stroke X1 Unitmm JCL-42TS 135 JCL-52TS 135 JCL-60TS 135 JCL-42TSM 135 JCL-52TSM 135 JCL-60TSM 135
ParameterMax. stroke Z1 Unitmm JCL-42TS 225 JCL-52TS 225 JCL-60TS 225 JCL-42TSM 280 JCL-52TSM 280 JCL-60TSM 280
ParameterMax. stroke Z2 Unitmm JCL-42TS 310 JCL-52TS 310 JCL-60TS 310 JCL-42TSM 310 JCL-52TSM 310 JCL-60TSM 310
ParameterRapid traverse X1 Unitm/min JCL-42TS 16 JCL-52TS 16 JCL-60TS 16 JCL-42TSM 16 JCL-52TSM 16 JCL-60TSM 16
ParameterRapid traverse Z1 Unitm/min JCL-42TS 20 JCL-52TS 20 JCL-60TS 20 JCL-42TSM 20 JCL-52TSM 20 JCL-60TSM 20
ParameterRapid traverse Z2 Unitm/min JCL-42TS 16 JCL-52TS 16 JCL-60TS 16 JCL-42TSM 16 JCL-52TSM 16 JCL-60TSM 16
ParameterTurret indexing time Unitsec JCL-42TS 0.3 JCL-52TS 0.3 JCL-60TS 0.3 JCL-42TSM 0.3 JCL-52TSM 0.3 JCL-60TSM 0.3
ParameterMachine design Unitdeg JCL-42TS 30° JCL-52TS 30° JCL-60TS 30° JCL-42TSM 30° JCL-52TSM 30° JCL-60TSM 30°
ParameterSlide way type Unit- JCL-42TS Линейни JCL-52TS Линейни JCL-60TS Линейни JCL-42TSM Линейни JCL-52TSM Линейни JCL-60TSM Линейни
ParameterMain-spindle hydraulic chuck Unitinch JCL-42TS 6" JCL-52TS 8" JCL-60TS 8" JCL-42TSM 6" JCL-52TSM 8" JCL-60TSM 8"
ParameterSub-spindle hydraulic chuck Unitinch JCL-42TS 6" JCL-52TS 6" JCL-60TS 6" JCL-42TSM 6" JCL-52TSM 6" JCL-60TSM 6"
ParameterTurning tool diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS □20 JCL-52TS □20 JCL-60TS □20 JCL-42TSM □20 JCL-52TSM □20 JCL-60TSM □20
ParameterBoring tool diameter Unitmm JCL-42TS Ø32 JCL-52TS Ø32 JCL-60TS Ø32 JCL-42TSM VDI30 JCL-52TSM VDI30 JCL-60TSM VDI30
ParameterDriven tool motor power / 30min UnitkW JCL-42TS - JCL-52TS - JCL-60TS - JCL-42TSM 2.2 JCL-52TSM 2.2 JCL-60TSM 2.2
ParameterSub-spindle motor UnitkW JCL-42TS 5.5 JCL-52TS 5.5 JCL-60TS 5.5 JCL-42TSM 5.5 JCL-52TSM 5.5 JCL-60TSM 5.5
ParameterHydraulic motor UnitkW JCL-42TS 2 JCL-52TS 2 JCL-60TS 2 JCL-42TSM 2 JCL-52TSM 2 JCL-60TSM 2
ParameterLubrication motor UnitW JCL-42TS 3.5 JCL-52TS 3.5 JCL-60TS 3.5 JCL-42TSM 3.5 JCL-52TSM 3.5 JCL-60TSM 3.5
ParameterPower requirement UnitKVA JCL-42TS 26 JCL-52TS 26 JCL-60TS 26 JCL-42TSM 30 JCL-52TSM 30 JCL-60TSM 30
ParameterCoolant tank capacity UnitL JCL-42TS 140L (85%) JCL-52TS 140L (85%) JCL-60TS 140L (85%) JCL-42TSM 140L (85%) JCL-52TSM 140L (85%) JCL-60TSM 140L (85%)
ParameterMachine dimensions (LxWxH) Unitmm JCL-42TS 2695x1810x1950 JCL-52TS 2695x1810x1950 JCL-60TS 2695x1810x1950 JCL-42TSM 2695x1810x1950 JCL-52TSM 2695x1810x1950 JCL-60TSM 2695x1810x1950
ParameterWeight Unitkg JCL-42TS 4150 JCL-52TS 4150 JCL-60TS 4150 JCL-42TSM 4230 JCL-52TSM 4230 JCL-60TSM 4230
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