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                                              CNC LATHES


Smart-42/52/60Y CNC Lathe

The Smart Y machine tool series are 4-axis CNC turn-mill centers, with turning diameter specification of up to 60mm.

The gang type sliding tool system is built on premium-quality linear guideways and axis movement is carried out by way of servo motors, directly coupled to the ball s...

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А 6-position tool holder for cross drilling, milling, tapping and reaming operatons.

The optional HP coolant-through-tool device drastically cuts down on deep hole drilling times, improves machined surface roughness and extends tool life.

The spindle is precision machined from chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and dynamically balanced to ensure long service life and operational accuracy.

A programmable C-axis allows for complex contour and groove machining.

An optional bar feeder provides operation cycle automation, contributing to production time and material cost reduction.


Parameter Unit Smart-42/52/60Y
ParameterMain spindle max. turning diameter Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 42/60
ParameterMax. turning length Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 130
ParameterMax. stroke X Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 300
ParameterMax. stroke Y Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 432
ParameterMax. stroke Z Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 150
ParameterMax. side / face drilling diameter Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 16
ParameterMax. side / face tapping diameter Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y M12
ParameterExternal tool holder Unitpcs Smart-42/52/60Y 6
ParameterInner tool holder Unitpcs Smart-42/52/60Y 6
ParameterCross drilling tool holder Unitpcs Smart-42/52/60Y 6
ParameterFace drilling tool holder Unitpcs Smart-42/52/60Y 6
ParameterTool size Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 20x20x110 ~ 155
ParameterControl axis Unitpcs Smart-42/52/60Y C/X/Y/Z
ParameterSpindle bore Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y Ø55 / Ø70 / Ø75
ParameterSpindle speed Unitrpm Smart-42/52/60Y 45~3500
ParameterCross drilling speed Unitrpm Smart-42/52/60Y 3000
ParameterFace drilling speed Unitrpm Smart-42/52/60Y 3000
ParameterX / Z / Y axis rapid traverse Unitm/min Smart-42/52/60Y 16
ParameterMain spindle motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 7.5
ParameterX motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 1.5
ParameterY motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 1.5
ParameterZ axis motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 1.5
ParameterCross drilling motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 1.5
ParameterFace drilling motor UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 1.5
ParameterCoolant pump UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 0.375x2
ParameterPower requirement UnitkW Smart-42/52/60Y 17
ParameterCoolant tank capacity UnitL Smart-42/52/60Y 300
ParameterMachine dimensions (LxWxH) Unitmm Smart-42/52/60Y 2785x1920x1900
ParameterWeight Unitkg Smart-42/52/60Y 3370
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