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                                              Machining centers

Machining centers

JHV-800 Vertical Machining Center

The JHV series feature 3-axis machining centers, suitable for the production of a wide range of products for the automotive industry, hydraulic and pneumatic components, dies and moulds, diverse prismatic parts, etc.

The major structural components have ...

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Finite Element Analysis testing and inspection. The structural machine components have been tested under different finite limit stress conditions, so that the areas of largest stress concentration can be defined and reinforced.

All vertical machining centers undergo a number of accuracy inspections, including Renishaw's Ball Bar Test and Laser Inspection, with a measurement report available for machine tool customers. For additional information regarding the tests, visit the official Renishaw website.

X/Y/Z axis movement is implemented by hardened, high-precision ball screws, furnished with double nuts to eliminate backlash. 

JHV-800 vertical machining center can be equipped with a spindle, directly coupled to the motor (choice of up to 15 000 rpm), or a built-in motor spindle (choice of up to 36 000 rpm).

A 24-tool magazine-type ATC allows for rapid tool change and minimum auxiliary operational time.

Tool change time: 1.5 sec (Tool to Tool).


A high-pressure coolant-through-spindle system (20,30,50,70 bar), featuring a separate coolant tank and filter.


Renishaw tool probing system.

Standard Accessories

  • Full splash guard
  • Belt type spindle 8 000 rpm, BT40
  • Spindle motor 5.5/7.5kW
  • Carousel type ATC 16 tools, BT40
  • Rigid Tapping  
  • Cooling system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Spindle oil cooler unit
  • Heat exchanger
  • Telescopic cover for 3 axes
  • Work lamp
  • Three-color call light
  • Tools and tool box
  • Screw type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Spindle air blow
  • Air gun
  • Coolant gun

Optional Accessories

  • Belt type spindle 10 000 / 12 000 rpm
  • Direct drive spindle 10 000 / 12 000 / 15 000 rpm
  • Built-in type spindle 16 000 / 36 000 rpm
  • Arm type ATC 24 tools, BT40
  • Chain type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Coolant through spindle (with sealed splash guard), 20/30/70 bar
  • Oil skimmer - belt type
  • Oil skimmer - disk type
  • Chip flushing device
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • CNC tilting & rotary table
  • Tool measurement system
  • Workpiece measurement system
Parameter Unit JHV-800
ParameterSlideways Unittype JHV-800 линейни
ParameterTRAVEL: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterX axis travel Unitmm JHV-800 800
ParameterY axis travel Unitmm JHV-800 500
ParameterZ axis travel Unitmm JHV-800 580
ParameterDistance from spindle nose to table surface Unitmm JHV-800 120-700
ParameterTABLE: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterTable area Unitmm JHV-800 900x500
ParameterMax. load of table Unitkg JHV-800 500
ParameterT- slot Unitmm JHV-800 5x16x100
ParameterSPINDLE: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterSpindle taper Unittype JHV-800 BT-40
ParameterSpindle speed Unitrpm JHV-800 ремъчен:8000/10000 / директен:10000/12000/15000
ParameterSpindle drive Unittype JHV-800 ремъчен / директен
ParameterSpindle motor UnitkW JHV-800 5.5/7.5
ParameterSpindle cooling Unit- JHV-800 маслен чилър
ParameterFEED RATE: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterRapid traverse X Unitm/min JHV-800 30
ParameterRapid traverse Y Unitm/min JHV-800 30
ParameterRapid traverse Z Unitm/min JHV-800 24
ParameterCutting feed rate Unitmm/min JHV-800 1-15000
ParameterX,Y,Z axis servo motor (FANUC) UnitkW JHV-800 1.2/1.2/1.8
ParameterX,Y,Z axis servo motor (MITSUBISHI) UnitkW JHV-800 1.5/1.5/2
ParameterBALL SCREW: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterDiameter of X,Y,Z axis Unitmm JHV-800 32
ParameterPitch of X,Y,Z axis Unitmm JHV-800 12
ParameterATC: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterMagazine type (BT40) Unittype JHV-800 каруселен / с ръка
ParameterTool magazine capacity Unitpcs JHV-800 каруселен: 16 / с ръка: 24
ParameterMax. tool diameter Unitmm JHV-800 каруселен: 100/150 / с ръка: 76/150
ParameterMax. tool length Unitmm JHV-800 250
ParameterMax. tool weight Unitkg JHV-800 7
ParameterTool selection Unittype JHV-800 каруселен: фиксиран / с ръка: произволен
ParameterOTHERS: Unit- JHV-800
ParameterPower consumption UnitKVA JHV-800 20
ParameterMachine dimensions (LxWxH) Unitmm JHV-800 2300x2550x2780
ParameterMachine weight Unitkg JHV-800 4500
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