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                                              Machining centers

Machining centers

JMV-1600 Vertical Machining Center

Maximum rigidity and operating stability

The vertical machining centers of the JMV series are designed with reinforced extra-wide column bottom and axis movement is carried out by way of hardened, precision-ground squa...

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A two-speed gearbox (option) provides a severalfold increase in spindle torque at low speeds.

X/Y/Z axis movement is implemented by hardened square slideways, as well as by tempered, high-precision ball screws, furnished with double nuts to eliminate backlash.

All vertical machining centers undergo a number of accuracy inspections, including Renishaw's Ball Bar Test and Laser Inspection, with a measurement report available for machine tool customers. For additional information regarding the tests, visit the official Renishaw website.

A high-pressure coolant-through-spindle system (20,30,50,70 bar), featuring a separate coolant tank and filter.

5-axis tilting rotary table (option).

An oil chiller ensures constant spindle temperature, improved accuracy and extended spindle life.

Renishaw tool probing system.

Standard Accessories

  • Full splash guard
  • Belt type spindle 6 000 rpm, BT50
  • Spindle motor 15/18.5kW
  • Arm type ATC 24/30 tools
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Cooling system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Spindle oil cooler unit
  • Heat exchanger
  • Telescopic cover for 3 axes
  • Work lamp
  • Three-color call light
  • Tools and tool box
  • Screw type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Spindle air blow
  • Air gun
  • Coolant gun

Optional Accessories

  • Belt type spindle speed 10 000/12 000 rpm
  • Direct drive spindle speed 10 000/ 12 000/ 15 000 rpm
  • Chain type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Coolant through spindle (with sealed splash guard), 20/30/70 bar
  • Gear box
  • Oil skimmer - belt type
  • Oil skimmer - disk type
  • Chip flushing device
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • CNC tilting & rotary table
  • Tool measurement system
  • Workpiece measurement system
Parameter Unit JMV-1600
ParameterGuideway Type Unit- JMV-1600 призматични
ParameterTRAVEL: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterX Axis Travel Unitmm JMV-1600 1600
ParameterY Axis Trave Unitmm JMV-1600 850
ParameterZ Axis Travel Unitmm JMV-1600 750
ParameterDistance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface Unitmm JMV-1600 150-900
ParameterDistance from Spindle Center to Column Surface Unitmm JMV-1600 950
ParameterTABLE: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterTable Area Unitmm JMV-1600 1800x850
ParameterMax. Load of Table Unitkg JMV-1600 2000
ParameterT- slot Unitmm JMV-1600 5x18x150
ParameterSPINDLE: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterSpindle Taper Unittype JMV-1600 BT50 (ISO50)
ParameterSpindle Speed Unitrpm JMV-1600 6000
ParameterSpindle Drive Unittype JMV-1600 ремъчен / с предавателна кутия (опция)
ParameterSpindle Motor UnitkW JMV-1600 15/18.5
ParameterSpindle Cooling Unit- JMV-1600 маслен чилър
ParameterFEED RATE: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterRapid Traverse X Unitm/min JMV-1600 18
ParameterRapid Traverse Y Unitm/min JMV-1600 18
ParameterRapid Traverse Z Unitm/min JMV-1600 15
ParameterCutting Feed Rate Unitmm/min JMV-1600 1-10000
ParameterBallscrew Pitch Unitmm JMV-1600 Ø50 / 10
ParameterX / Y/ Z Axes Servo Motor Output (FANUC) UnitkW JMV-1600 7
ParameterATC: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterMagazine Type (BT40) Unittype JMV-1600 с ръка / верижен (опция)
ParameterTool Magazine Capacity Unitpcs JMV-1600 с ръка: 24 / верижен: 32
ParameterMax. Tool Diameter Unitmm JMV-1600 с ръка: 100/200 / верижен: 125/220
ParameterMax. Tool Length Unitmm JMV-1600 300
ParameterMax. Tool Weight Unitkg JMV-1600 15
ParameterTool Selection Unittype JMV-1600 произволен
ParameterOTHERS: Unit- JMV-1600
ParameterPower Consumption UnitKVA JMV-1600 40
ParameterMachine Dimensions (LxWxH) Unitmm JMV-1600 4520x3510x3345
ParameterMachine Weight Unitkg JMV-1600 14000
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